UFO Sighting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 23rd 2014 – was outside grilling, looked up at jet flying over and saw numerous objects following and reflecting setting sunlight.

I was grilling some burgers on he grill in my driveway and heard a jet flying overhr=ead. I live about 10 mikes from the local airport. I saw yje jet fly by with all beacons flashing and then behind it I saw about 20 orange lights scattered around the sky that were moving about the same speed as the jet. I did see at least one o the objects drop to an elevation where the sun was not reflecyo=ing off of it and it looked more like a sphere or saucer shape against the still light sky. I called out my daughter, her boyfriend amd my wife after the main sighting and they witnessed 2 more of the objects flying overhead about 4 minutes after thr main group came over.

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