UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on June 19th 1975 – 2 sightings on same freeway on consecutive nights. on first night, i lost time. went back second night saw thousands of red orbs

In June of 1975, I and a friend went to my sisters for a BBQ. We left her house at midnight. Taking the 91 freeway home, my friend drove and I rested my head on the window of the passenger seat and fell asleep. I was awakened by a voice that said to look out the window. I thought it was my friend speaking to me. I said “What?” She said,”I didn’t say anything.” Confused by what I heard, I turned my head to look, and I saw a red ball outside my window. It looked to me to be about the size of a tennis ball or somewhat larger. I thought it was a reflection coming from something in the car or possibly a power pole reflector light, or one of those poles with reflectors on them, as there was a light plane airport in the vicinity.

After scanning the area, I saw there were no power poles and none for planes either. Examining the inside of the car, there was no reflections coming from anything. I asked my friend to speed up… The ball stayed with us. I asked her to slow down, the ball was still there. She thought I was crazy and asked me what I was doing. She didn’t see the ball at first. I asked her to pull over on the shoulder. She did. We got out of the car and the ball was about 30 feet away from us…not moving. She asked me what it was. I had no idea. We got back in the car and this time…I drove. I pulled out into the slow lane and drove on for a minute or two. I looked again and saw the ball was now gone. I decided it had to be a reflection from something I just didn’t notice at the moment.

After about ten minutes, I saw what I thought was a car coming straight for us in the oncoming lane. Looking at it, I decided it was just glare from night driving. I thought it was oncoming traffic, coming around the bend by the mountains and it just looked like it was in my lane. Saturday night traffic was heavy, and I tried to change lanes to avoid an accident, just in case I was wrong and it was heading straight for us. I couldn’t change without hitting someone else. There was traffic on both sides of me, in front of me and behind. If I slammed on the brakes, there would be a rear-end collision and the people behind me could get killed, so I took my foot off the gas and the brake altogether.

I braced for a head-on collision. I reached over to put my arm in front of my friend to try to shield her and raised my legs up to the steering wheel, hoping the wheel wouldn’t crush my chest. Closing my eyes, I knew we were going to probably get badly hurt or killed. After a few seconds of waiting for the crash, nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw that the car in my lane wasn’t a car at all. It was in front and above my car. I saw clearly it was a air craft unlike anything I had ever seen.

It was huge. AT least 2 football fields in length or more. The front of it was a horseshue shape with a blueish, purpleish hue around it. It looked like an enormous bumper like you would see on a bumper car at the fairgrounds. It was that shape and the hue around it was moving, pulsing. I leaned forward towards the dash and looked out the window, to see it clearer and so did my friend. Glancing into the rearview mirror, I saw there was no one on the freeway. No one. Not in front or behind or to the side of me. Mysteriously, what was seconds before a crowded freeway, all three lanes were empty except for me. I opened the door and got out. There was no sound, not one. Quiet. This craft glided over my car silently. I watched it glide down the freeway until it was gone.

For some reason, I began to feel panic. I was frightened out of my mind. I stepped on the gas and sped home. When I got there, I looked at the horizon from my balcony. I wondered why it looked like the sun was coming up, as I left the BBQ at midnight and lived not an hour away. I looked at the clock. It was five thirty in the morning. I was momentarily confused by that, but then, never gave it another thought. My friend and I drew what we saw on napkins. The images were identical.

The next morning, I woke up sick. So was my friend. She was depressed and cried all day. She said she didn’t know what was wrong with her. She was confused and miserable. I told her I was sick too, and That was not like either of us.

Two neighbors came to visit. I told them what happened the night before. They thought it would be great fun to go to the same place, again, that night. I was scared and didnt want to go, but I gave in and we went. We left after dinner. At Weir canyon road on the 91 freeway, we saw at least fifty cars hugging the shoulder up against the mountains. Eveyone was out of their cars and watching the sky. We did the same thing. It was about eight at night, and the sky was full of red balls, darting in and out, from side to side, up and down, thousands of them. They were chasing each other. All of a sudden, a huge white light snapped on from high in the sky and the whole crowd gasped. It snapped on and snapped off several times, just like a lightbulb the size of an football arena.

We watched this light show for about an hour and then I drove all over riverside that night, looking for anything that would tell me what that was. Asking at a gas station, a helicopter, a huge one, completely white; looking like a twelve passenger helicopter, no markings, blacked out windows except for the pilots window, came over the freeway and almost down on top of my car. The wind from the blades was blowing dust and debree into my eyes. March Airforce base was close by, and I figured it was from there. It left and went down the freeway. I could see the pilot. He had what looked like a military helmet and goggles on. I knew something was terribly wrong. Somehow I just knew they had followed me to the gas station at the bottom of the freeway at Weir canyon road. We were all scared and decided to leave right away and go home.

Almost immediately, I was not able to walk normally. My neck was stiff and I couldnt straighten my head. My walking gait was like I was under the influence of something. I couldnt concentrate. My eyes burned and my tastebuds no longer worked. I could taste nothing. The company I worked for which made computer printers, called me into the office and asked me if I had a drinking problem as I was stumbling around the plant.

I knew I couldn’t tell them I saw a UFO and now I something was wrong with me. They fired me over time, saying I needed alcohol treatment. When I told them I didnt drink at all and never used drugs, they didnt believe me. I lost my job. As a result, I lost my apartment, my car, everything I had in life. I could no longer remember how to drive or do the work I had done for years. I had major panic attacks daily and nightmares.

It took three years of massive medications and doctors visits to begin to walk normally and to be able to think again. I am ok now, and have attended college and am the Senior Rabbi of Temple Beth Sinai in Hemet california, yet, even now, I have to think carefully how to start my car and at times, I have no memory of where I am. I have lived in Hemet for years and know this town like the back of my hand, but still get lost anyway. AT times, nothing looks familiar to me and I dont know where I am. During these times, I have learned to not panic. I just sit quietly and calm down. In a few minutes, it passes and I’m alright again.

It was at least five years later, when recalling this incident to a group of friends that I realized that when the craft went over my car, I had not shut off the engine, I had just put it in park, yet, I had to start it when I got back in the car. I realized at that moment I had the radio on that night, but when I left, it wasn’t on. I realized I had no memory of many things that obviously happened that night.

Since then, I have been obsessed with UFO’s. I have watched every documentary made on the subject, Trying to find anything that was like what I saw that night. I am driven by it. I’ve been everywhere trying to find an answer. Area 51, Rachel Neveda, everywhere. I’ve talked to everyone and anyone who has seen something they can’t explain. I have tried to find anyone who was out on the freeway that night with no success. I have no pictures or video to send you. In 1975, I Had no such gagets.

This incident took three years out of my life with no explainable illness that the doctors could find except one…they said my autonomic nervous system was blown out by something. They asked me where I had been and what I had been doing. I could not tell them what really happened for fear they would send me to a hospital for the mentally handicapped. I have been urged by close friends to have regression therapy and have considered it, but the idea of it frightens me beyond belief, for reasons unknown to me. I’m afraid of what might be there. I don’t know why I’m afraid, I just am.

I’m looking for some kind of help, someone who can explain this to me, give me some answers, to hopefully end this obsession with UFO’s.

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