Alien Encounter in Val Barrette, Quebec on June 24th 1971 – In a remote cabin I saw a creature looking at me through the window.

As a teenager I was spending my summers at our family summer residence on a lake, close to Mont-Laurier, QC. At the beginning of the summer I was alone at that chalet with my father who was sometimes working in the evening at his office, a few miles from the chalet in Mt-Laurier. I can identify the exact place on Google Earth: I can say herein it was roughly W: 75 degrees, and latitude N: 46 degrees. One evening at about 9 I was reading alone in the living room of this chalet, on a chair facing the large windows overseeing the lake. I was alone and there was no noise anywhere but an occasional bird. Suddenly I felt observed and uneasy, I lowered my book to look at the window. Outside, but almost touching the window, about 10 feet from me, and well lit up by the living room lights, was a creature observing me intently without moving. I was instantly very frighten, my hair was standing on my head. I remembered running to close the screen-window of the outside door on the side of the building on my left, 8 feet from my sitting position, and to lock the door knob. (the windows facing the lake where the creature was had no openings). I do not remember anything afterwards, which seems strange to me because I would have continued observing the creature, logically. In the subsequent years, I had several nightmares about that evening and when I was waking up, originally I was remembering the creature as being a cougar observing me in the window, and after a few years, always in my dreams, I remembered the event differently, and the creature then appeared to me as a three feet tall slim humanoid with big black eyes. I am unsure of what I have seen. After many years, I saw the book “Communion” from Whitley Strieber in a book store, and the drawing on the coverage made a strong impression on me since I had the impression that it was similar to what I have seen. I bought the book and it seems to me that what happened to me in 1971 could have been what I believe Strieber calls a “screened memory”. I am unsure, because a book like Communion when you do not know much on the subject of UFO causes some emotions, but I am still very uneasy with the event. I also had, about 10 years after, an episode of lost time, when I was living in an apartment in Montreal. I would like to be hypnotized by a specialist who is aware of the abduction phenomena; he could make me remember, and perhaps this could reassure me that the creature which scared me that evening was in fact a cougar. There were some in the vicinity, although just a few sightings were reported at the time. Note that my older sister is certain that she had observed, in these times but perhaps not the same year, a UFO for about 20 minutes, flying in various directions over the island and the lake, from the same chalet. My sister is a down-to-earth librarian (retired now) and I am a down-to-earth professional accountant. If I asked her she would report it to you anonymously. I also had another strange event where I heard a voice in my head with a very specific sentence, a warning, which appears unrelated and I can describe to your group, if you find it worth something. I cannot submit any evidence of these events.

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