UFO Sighting in Boca Raton, Florida on May 24th 2014 – Walking dog, saw multiple bright objects in the air in formation Heading north

I was walking my dog around 10:25 in my neighborhood. I was just turning around to go home when I saw 8-10 objects in the sky in a formation of some sort.

When I first noticed the single object, I figured it was a rocket launch of some sort, but then I saw multiple objects of the same color, speed and direction. As far as I know, rockets are not launched like this. Which then made me thing that they are possibly Jet Aircraft of some sort, which they very well could be.

I ran back to my house to get my dad who is a former physicist and has an aerospace background By the time I got home Only 3-4 of the objects were visible. He saw them while I went inside to get my girlfriend. But then there was only one left. A few seconds after, an aircraft which I am guessing is a helicopter judging by the sound, flew in the same direction but a much lower altitude.

My reactions were at first “Oh cool, a rocket launch” or since lastnight there was a meteor shower, maybe theyre meteors… but then they didnt burn out or fall to the ground, I knew it was something else. Then when i realized there were almost 10 of them, I ran to get my old man.

My father is convinced that they were rocket launches. My girlfriend has no real opinion on it.

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