UFO Sighting in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin on May 24th 2014 – {rjl} Bright Yellow light seen in the east an last seen north of my location. no sound no other lights

May 24 2014. Fort Atkinson wis.

My wife first seen a yellow light about 9:00pm but did not inform me of this.
until I saw a second one and mentioned it to her.
The second light was the same as the first.

The second light was seen at 9:27pm.
It was bright Yellow first seen east of Fort Atkinson Wis.
Object was moving quickly to the west-northwest about 275 to 285 degrees. Total time visible was apx.15-20 seconds.
Object was moving very fast and there was no sound
No other lights were visible(ie aircraft running lights)
There was no wind as observed by the flag at the Post Office.
The first light followed the same path as the one I seen.

Other lights have been seen similar to this in the past. ??

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