Alien Encounter in Pennsylvania on October 1st 2013 – I looked into its very large almond shaped limo tinted eyes

I need to get this message out I think They may be friendly but what if They are not? So remember this The small greys are about 3.5-4ft. tall and I think they can somehow jump 12+ ft. straight up possibly grasp any building and also somehow fry outdoor cameras. Up close eyes look like very large and the darkest limo tint film on the eyes THIS MESSAGE IS HELPFUL because just maybe those eyes are vulnerable to something like a high powered or even just a small laser pointer. Trust Me I looked out the window at one of these about 6 mths. ago then ran from window no harm done. I would like to say it is best to not engage or be stupid. And also this is not My first sighting They all the sudden showed up last year and They are very very close when They do.

I did not leave My name. Hows this! I really don’t mind if You all say ha ha that guy is just a hoaxer making up a ufo story on mufon then laughing about it later. YES that is exactly what I want You to think.

Thank You cool mufon people and remember We are not alone.

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