Anomalies reaction to EM-pulses is a "biological" manifestation.

It is becoming very clear that anomalies respond/react to a very wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, going from ultraviolet, passing the visible part of the spectrum, infrared and short radio waves.

This response to a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum is an eminently “biological” feature.

This is really not surprising if you think just a little bit a bout it: We also are sensitive to all that range of the electromagnetic spectrum:

– Ultraviolet light causes us sunburns.
– We can see in the “visible” segment of the spectrum.
– We can sense heat, infrared radiation.
– Intense short radio waves causes us burns, the technical insight behind the microwaves ovens that radiate in 2.45 GHZ a frequency that resonates with the water molecule and makes living tissue( that contains water ) to heat.

And the “attraction” of anomalies to EM-pulses, as mirror reflections, is not different as the reaction of insects to light at night, even when anomalies have been observed making recognizable forms/shapes that do not imply necessarily intelligence, we have birds that can repeat human words and that do not implies superior intellect.

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