Black Triangle Sighting in Howell, Michigan on May 25th 2014 – It flew over me without a sound and very low to the ground

I saw two lights from about ten miles away, as I got closer the object was moving very slow so I pulled into a road and got out of my car, as I stood there I managed to take one very bad picture but I heard no sound and as it flew over me I saw it had three lights, one in the front and two in the back with a dim white light to connect all three, their light was pure white and very bright and it flew right over me as clear as day and was bout 100 feet in length and about 600 feet in the air, I watched as it proceeds to fly over the near by football feild without a sound or any flashing lights, I realized that what I saw wasn’t from this world and I got back in the car and drove home this whole sighting was around 3-4 minutes in length

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