John Mack and Alien Disclosure

The question of alien disclosure comes up often on this forum – When will it occur? Some think that in some ways it has already occurred – the evidence though is still circumstantial. And when it comes to circumstantial evidence some of the most interesting is the findings of Harvard psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School John Mack – a man who risked his reputation and career by going from skeptic to believer – His analysis of so called abductees convinced him that the the abductees were neither lying or delusional – His analysis convinced him that many of the abductees had actually experienced an alien abduction and had been subjected to manipulation and experimentation by entities not of this world, or at least not of the paradigm of the normal reality of this world.

A woman who has studied his life Denise David Williams is trying to make a movie on his life – actually many years ago there was an interesting TV movie made on his life and how he was treated, or mistreated, by his peers at Harvard. Now the question for today alien fans is what do you think of John Mack and his famous alien abduction book titled: “Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens” by John E. Mack – Was John Mack himself delusional – Or is he a pioneer in the field who was giving us disclosure of the truth ???

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