The "I believe in UFO" religion.

The “I believe in UFO” thing is really one of the biggest problems in this field, because actually that is an expectation, it is a preconceived idea of what to expect, like “flying saucers”. People have that idea deeply rooted in their minds in such a way that they are blind to alternatives, if something does not resembles their idea of what they think is a “UFO” they will not accept it, they will even see it, like for example the aero-forms known as variable anomalies or morphing UFOs.

This is not different to a religion, where people more or less know the “appearance” of their god(s), anything that depart from that you better do not upset the believers saying that you have seen their god and that god is different from their expectation, you will suffer the wrap of their indignation.

All of these manifestations could also be a perfectly natural phenomenon, we have to be open to that possibility, maybe some very sophisticated organisms with very peculiar mimicking features, but the “believers” will never accept that.

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