UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on May 24th 2014 – my brother and i was out sky watching to see if we see any type of ufo and we were going to go in and we saw a bright white light high in the sky i thought it was a satalight

i was out on the drive strips with my brother on may 14 we got out there around 9:30 pm we set binoculars up and had my night vision goggles and camera we were of coarse looking up it was clear sky’s and the wind was blowing and i seen a bright white light i was brighter than a satalight but i thought that what it was then watched it it was going north to south it was high up and then the light dimmed and then it stopped and wobbled back and forth and then keep going in a strait line but stopping and wobbling 4 more times and the light pulsated and was going out a few seconds latter the light came back on and kept going south over my neighborhood then like a minute latter we saw another in a strait line right behind the first one and it pulsated then a few minutes latter we saw 2 more bright lights one was fallowing the front one but from where i was it looked a foot apart but who know how far in the sky and the weren’t in the same line as the first two but close and same direction and those lights were brighter than the brightest star i know when you see a satilight it is dim and don’t pulsate and stop and see that many in a short amount of time the last 2 wee seen were bright then was going south and blinked out then at 10:35 we saw the last one but it wasn’t as bright and was going east to west over our neighborhood it was lit up for a few minutes and went out i know airplanes helicopters jet liners and military crafts look and sound light what i saw was to high for those to fly im not crazy i take meds for my arthritis but my brother saw them too many people say im crazy and its all in my mind its not im telling the truth im just tired of people saying im crazy and its all my imagination or in saying it for attention every time i see them i run and get my mother and brother so there is more me and what i say i didn’t get my mother this time my brother was with me so he saw sorry my spelling is bad i don’t care im sitting here in bad pain from my bad arthritis fighting to type this and i took pics but they look like stars you cant tell them apart from stars

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