UFO Sighting in Chalfont, Pennsylvania on May 25th 2014 – From a three story rooftop balcony I observed a bright orange, extremely slow moving orb. At first appeared to be coming from the East in a Northwest direction and then made a 90* turn back to the East. First orb descended second ascended blinked out.

I stepped out side to the balcony of my girlfriend’s third story apartment for a cigarette. I first looked in a westerly direction to view any stars that had appeared roughly one hour after sundown. The westerly direction is the back of the apartment building looking over the parking lot which has two lights in order to illuminate the area for the tenants. I then got curious to see if by turning away and placing my back to the parking lot lights if more stars would come into view. Knowing that ambient light distorts your ability to see many stars.
When I turned to look East I immediately saw two large glowing orange orbs. One was heading further east as though it was in a flight path. The second seemed to be heading directly northwest towards me. The light became much brighter at this point, like the headlights of an automobile coming towards you at night. I then quickly opened the outer door and called to my girlfriend to come and see this quickly! I immediately went back to my position to watch the two objects. When my girlfriend appeared beside me the closest object had disappeared. The second object I pointed out to her. That glowing object continued in its easterly direction and at about two miles out from our position it descended below the tree line. As that was taking place the closest object reappeared from behind the tree line roughly one quarter mile away and slowly turned ninety degrees back towards the east. At no point did we ever see or notice a change in shape or luminescence. There were no blinking lights like an aircraft would have. Such as a helicopter or aero plane. The object emitted no sound at any time. We stood and watched the object until it eventually got roughly two miles away from us and ascended. As it ascended the objected just blinked out. Again, the first object disappeared descending below the tree line two miles out. The second object eventually blinked out while ascending roughly two miles out from our location.
This event took place over a fifteen to twenty minute period. A truly unusual and unique experience for the two of us.

Sincerely, Christopher M. Stricker. 05-25-2014

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