UFO Sighting in Exton, Pennsylvania on May 25th 2014 – Red Fire Balls

1. Sitting on porch with Partner
2. Looked out of corner of eye, felt something and saw motion.
3. Plane
4. There were three bright red objects in the sky, triangle formation that appeared to be moving in a circular motion. The distance between the lights was great. Observation in this formation was maybe 10 seconds, when I first realized this was NOT a plane. The motion was fast and likely could not be replicated by commercial craft of anything I know of in the military. Then, the objects started to move north. One object left the formation and I think it headed south, while the other two objects proceeded north. When they moved north there was greater separation.
5. This is the same light I saw last 4th of July, roughly in the same place, and it was NO firework as your investigator dismissed. I felt like being observed. I felt odd. My partner felt amazed and astonished, scared. I also felt scared, like this has happened to me before.
6. The objects moved north, rather rapidly. Faster than other commercial aircraft we routinely see from our neighborhood or porch. The glide path for eastbound aircraft for Philadelphia is just slightly south of our residence. Plane are noticeable, especially with landing lights, but you can usually see required FAA marker lights (port, starboard and aft lighting, in addition to landing lights). What we witnessed were objects, not a plane and certainly appeared to be on fire.
Objects moved north, northwest. Out of the line of sight.

Pictures available, if and only if you want to see. I work for the government, and based on the dismissive nature I received from your investigator last year, I am NOT impressed with his abilities to actually be objective and investigate.

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