US Army Air Force fighter jet destroying giant 'alien monster' in desert

Somebody did a jellyfish insert to this video and thinks we will buy into it.
Don’t these clowns have anything better to do?
Isn’t section 51 Youtuber on our blacklist?


This extraordinary video purports to capture the moment a fighter jet destroys a giant ‘alien monster’ in the desert.
The incredible one minute, 41 second clip, uploaded to YouTube, shows a sleek military aircraft zooming through the sky near Durango, in New Mexico, in the United States.
The camera then pans to show two US soldiers in the foreground, watching a bizarre, throbbing jellyfish-like object in the middle distance.
The plane then flies over the weird entity and a bomb is dropped, causing flames to erupt within it.

UFO video: Army jet destroys ‘alien monster’ in desert – Mirror Online

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