UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on October 15th 2013 – Large Bullet-Shaped Object WIth Sparks Flying off it witness by pilot and police officer

I am a retired Kansas City Police officer and was working security at Baptist Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri in October of 2013 when I was bringing in the Life Flight Helicopter late one evening. As the pilot was starting to descend from about 1200 feet I noticed a bright bullet-shaped object moving from west to east in a straight-line path at about 1000 feet. The object was lower than the helicopter and not far from it. It had a rounded front with a defined darker center and pointed back, with no wings or tail. It was a metallic silver color with a white glow all around it, and there were sparks being emitted from the front of the object which flew to the back, leaving a trail. This object did not waver from its course, even though it was very close to the helicopter. When the pilot landed he asked me if I saw that object and I replied yes. The pilot said that he radioed Life Flight headquarters to request to follow the unidentified object but they told him he must deliver the patient first. As the helicopter landed the object was out of sight. A nurse who was with me saw it as well and we all we watched the object for at least three minutes. At the time we did not know who to report this to as reporting to the police was out of the question (I had taken reports from others and had my own sightings while on the force and this was not something they wanted to take reports on) but later met a MUFON investigator and told her about it.

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