UFO Sighting in Sellersburg, Indiana on May 26th 2014 – Rectangular shaped object with no wings visible passed over at high altitude moving west to east. No noise heard

I was walking out to my car from my home around 6:30 am when I noticed what first appeared to be an airliner overhead in the clear blue sky. It was moving from west to east at high altitude and at a comparible speed to an airliner in my estimation. As I looked closer, I noticed the object did not appear to have wings. At this point, I pulled out my phone to take a few pictures of the object. I then took a short video. After the object was far enough away so as not to be visible, I got in my car and cropped the photos down to get a closer look. It was then that I was pretty sure that what I had just saw was no conventional aircraft. It appeared to have no wings or tailwing. It also appeared to be rectangular in shape, with perfectly squared front and back. Did not look at all aerodynamic in the pictures. I shared the video and pictures with a friend who is a UPS pilot, and while he cannot completely rule out the possibility it was an airplane, he is equally puzzled by the rectangular shape and lack of visible wings.

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