UFO Sighting in Warsaw, Indiana on May 25th 2014 – Red/orange stationary light. multiple reports from different locations exact same time.

I left work at 10 pm. May 25th when a co worker made a comment about a red light in the sky. I look up and noticed a reddish/orange light(not blinking) in a stationary position less than a mile up to the Southwest. Drove to a darker part of parking lot to get a better view but lost visual contact while looking through my sunroof. Did not see move out of view but object was gone once i parked my car. I work next to the airport. this was not a plane or helicopter, no sound or blinking lights.

Checked your site today to see if anyone else had reported this object and sure enough, a person living a few counties Southwest of here reported the same object at the exact same time. 10 pm. May 25th.

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