UFO Sighting in Covington, Kentucky on June 30th 1969 – blimp like, stationary, brushed aluminum, no windows, lights, sounds or appendages

I had been lying on my bed at home…I remember thinking that I was bored and decided I would walk up to the park and see if any kids were there to play with. The park was less than a block from my home. there were 2 separate parks.. the ball field and across the street were swings basketball..sandbox etc..I walked past the ball field crossed the street to the playground..no one was about..I turned around to walk back home…as soon as I crossed the street next to the ball field, I looked to my left and seen the hovering object at tree top level just beyond the ball park..blimp like…stationary…no sounds.. no lights…no windows..no appendages…dark brushed aluminum in color..it remained in that same spot during my entire sighting of it..and repeating to myself over and over WHAT IS THAT?? having lived in the Greater Cincinnati Airport area all my life…I was very used to airplanes blimps etc.. as we were under a flight path to the airport…when I approached a line of houses I could no longer see it…I had been walking very slowly..at that point I hurried past the first house…in between the first house and second was a driveway..and I could see it was still there.. I got excited and was hurrying home to tell my sister to come and look at it..when I approached my home..I froze up..I could not move my legs..I grabbed onto my neighbors fence..being so close to my home..the bedroom window was open I started yelling for my sister to help me…we lived on the second floor over a beauty salon…there were about 20 steps to our apartment..she kept asking me what was wrong and I told her I could not move my legs she dragged (carried me up the steps…an ambulance was called…I was approximately 13) ..by the time the ambulance arrived I could walk again..they decided to examine me anyway and took me to the ER..it was my first vaginal exam and so it stays clear in my mind..the doctor told my mother that I was probably going to start my first menses and I was released(I did not have my first menses until several years later)..I never told anyone what I had seen that day(maybe because of the drama of going to the hospital?)..a few years later I brought up the subject to my sister as she had a sighting she could not explain about 5 years after my event..that is when I finally told her what had happened that day. I have replayed this event over and over in my mind..for many years …everyone in my family has heard the story at this point and I get teased every now and again about it..I remember clearly the events before and after..I am now 58 yrs old.

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