UFO Sighting in Raytown, Missouri on May 27th 2014 – Strange Light over Kansas City

About 130AM on May 27, 2014 I let the dog out before I went to bed, I go out with her at night in case there is a raccoon in my backyard. When I stepped out I noticed a bright lite just a pinch to SW from due west in a 10 o’clock angle, I remember thinking that is awful lot of bright lights for an airplane or helicopter. The weather clear with patchy clouds, wind calm, temperature muggy, there were no clouds where the object was seen.

I was standing on my back porch waiting for my dog to do her business & I noticed the object wasn’t moving, I was able to gauge this by the power lines & trees in my backyard, it always stayed in the same place. I also noticed there were no blinking lights like an airplanes or helicopter would have, the lights were all white & twinkling. I watched it for a couple more minutes & decided to go get my binoculars for a better look.

When I came back out it was still there so I able to adjust the lens to get a clear look at it. It was rectangular at an angle with a bunch sparkling lights located in no particular order which looked like they were going on & off, but what was weird was a solid bar of light near the bottom. Then the solid bar of light moved to the middle of the object, then after a couple of minutes the bar moved back to it’s original position. All this time I’m thinking this has got to be a blimp or balloon but then all of sudden it turned into a diamond shape & the solid lit bar was gone. Maybe it turned to the left to make it look like a different shape, I don’t know, all I know is I’m looking at thru the binoculars and it changed shape just like that.

About this time I decided to go get my camera & a stronger pair of binoculars, by the time I came back outside I thought it was closer because it looked just a little bit bigger, but maybe that was because I took my eyes off it for a couple of minutes. So I turn on my camera (it is a digital Canon Rebel with a wide angle & zoom lens) & try to zoom into the object but I couldn’t find it in the viewfinder. So I my eyes off the viewfinder to re-orientate where to point the camera & I notice it is still in the same place but now it is just tiny speck of light. So I try find it in my viewfinder again but couldn’t, when I looked again and it was gone. Whatever it was must of took off heading in the direction I was looking because it was gone in 2-3 seconds at a 10 o’clock angle. I looked all around the back yard to see if more of them were out, but only saw the one

During all this time I never heard any noise, my dog & I were completely calm, just curious. Like to see it again….

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