Black Triangle Sighting in Ranburne, Alabama on January 20th 2014 – Please read below

During early 2014 I was traveling back from Alabama on I-20 heading east
towards Georgia. It was around 2am to 3am (EST) myself and one 18
wheeler were the only ones out on the roads. The 18 wheeler was about 1-2
miles behind me and could only be seen when we were on a straight section of
I-20. About a mile to 11/2 miles before I reached the 205 exit between
Heflin and Ranburne Alabama I topped the hill and far in the distance on my
right side I saw the most extreme bright white lights lighting up the entire
side of the road and pasture. I was very confused as to what I was looking
at. At first I thought that there may have been an accident and the police
and rescue response were trying to recover vehicles….but then I realized
that I didn’t see any emergency police or fire department colored lights and it
was extremely quiet. I began to slow my speed as I approached closer and then
I noticed the lights that were shinning straight through the tree line onto
the interstate had not not only risen to above the tree line but had also
turned from pointing towards the road to pointing towards to ground. I
immediately stopped my car in the middle of the interstate. I looked in rear
view mirror to see where the 18 wheeler truck was in relationship to my car
because I wanted to make sure that I was wasn’t going to get hit and also I
wanted to make sure that I wasn’t the only person who seeing this. The 18
wheeler had also come to stop about 1 mile behind me and had his cab door
open and he also had not pulled off the interstate. When I looked back
towards the area where the lights were at…. The lights were just about
tree top level and pointing towards the ground. The next thing I knew It was
completely dark. I then was very confused and began looking about the sky
for any thing that could have done this. Still very confused and extremely
scarred, I noticed a huge… Huge!!!! Triangular shaped object that had a
rounded edges where the point of a triangle would be. There was no sound at
all and no lights on this object were seen now. This object remained about
tree top tall as it passed over my car heading extreme north west. This
object was as large as a football field if not larger. And was about 50 to
60 feet thick. I could clearly see the pattern on the bottom and the sides
of this object. I sat at a full stop in the middle of the interstate feeling
completely terrified and violated and again looked behind me to check and
see if there was any other traffic that the was going to hit me. The truck
was no where to be seen and he was only about 1 mile behind me and was
stopped with his door open only moments before. He couldn’t have made an
exit off the interstate because the 205 exit in front of me was the only
exit off the interstate for a few miles. This left me dazed and confused. I
now realize that I have time missing from when I saw the object in the field
about tree top tall with its lights on and when it was coming over my car
without any lights on. When I finally pulled myself back together and began
to drive slowly home I realized that the time was now 4:12 am. I have been
VERY terrified ever since this occurrence and I can’t stand it now when
night comes. Please help me understand this so that I can once again go to
bed and lead a normal life. I almost immediately began to have extremely
terrifying vivid dreams about aliens tracking me and I have an unsettling
feeling that I am being watched. I want you to know that I am not crazy and
I have no psychological medical diagnosis. I do not take any medications
that would cause me to see anything or cause me to lose any time periods. I
am 47 years old and I am an RN with almost 30 years experience working as a
nurse in the ER, ICU, and Dialysis. I have searched the internet almost
daily to see if anyone has reported anything similar to my experience.
PLEASE contact soon. I can’t discuss this with anyone. I can’t take the
chance that I am thought of as “crazy”.

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