UFO Sighting in Surfside Beach, South Carolina on May 27th 2014 – Random reddish lights on and off followed by a formation of rotating lights

About 10 people on front deck of beach house in Surfside Beach, SC observed large red lights randomly coming on and off toward the southeast. After several minutes, they were still appearing randomly and them seemed to form into a larger rotating circle moving toward the west. After about 30 seconds, the 3 rotating circular objects seemed to disappear and we then saw random red lights going on and off moving north along the beach. The objects appeared at about a 30 – 40 degree angle to the horizon and estimate they were 1 – 2 miles out and about 2000 – 4000 feet as they moved around. There was no sound. Objects did not move in a consistent line that would allow them to be a plane. They appeared in different areas and moved n ways inconsistent with a helicopter. If this has been an aircraft, the lighting size would have had to have put them right on top of us, yet again – no sound.

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