UFO Sighting in Michigan on May 24th 2014 – I saw a cluster of red lights and thought it was an airplane. The lights blinked out in front and back alternately and reappeared farther along in the sky. Almost like phasing.

It was May 24th at 12 midnight. I was out in my field trying to see if I could spot a meteor from the supposed shower that was going on that night. I saw about 2 to 3 airplanes go overhead the entire time I was out there and be for I saw the UFO.
I looked to the west and saw what I thought to be another plane. Only, this didn’t blink rapidly like a plane or sattelite. It also moved much faster. It was at the same height though.
The object had a cluster of at least eight lights. All of them were arranged in a pattern that looked like a spiky circle. The object moved across the sky without the usual lagging sound of a jet. It’s lights were phasing in and out from front to back. Almost like was crawling across the sky our leaving a trail of sparks. I thought (because of the spark like look) that I was seeing a meteor from the shower. However, it changed direction fluidly. Arching back north and over my house.
The movement and pattern of the lights was unlike anything I had seen before and this gave me the thought that it was a UFO.
I learned the next day that the shower didn’t start in my exact area until 3 am.

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