UFO Sighting in North Branch, New York on December 15th 2013 – orange- red globes- in formation- 30 to 40 of them

on a clear night in either late Nov 2013 or early Dec 2013 ( I have to ask my wife again). My wife witnessed 30 to 40 red – orange glowing orbs in foration going from caillocoon NY towards the forest. My wife said ” they just kept coming”. The direction would send them directly to the Balsom lake Mountain Forest…my wife said that She felt strange and like she should not be there looking at this massive formation of lights moving from north est to south east.To make matters stranger, we were out a few months later and mentioned this at a local bar…before we could finish our first sentance a girl said “oh you not going to tell use about the red lights in the sky” many people have seen that including me” twice…large formation fo red or orange glowing orbs..losts of them..

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