UFO Sighting in Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario on February 15th 2011 – Mid Feb 2011, my friend and I left on snowmobiles out on the trail near his home in Camlachie ON. We stopped at a waterfall 15 min from his place and suddenly were surrounded by a tremendous light. The light had no source…

In Mid Feb. of 2011, my friend and I left for a brief snowmobile ride on the trail by his house in Camlachie ON. After about 15 min we stopped at a nearby waterfall. It was dark outside, about 5:30pm. we were in a remote area, along an old train track, there were no houses etc. My friend opened a beer and I lit up a cigarette. Suddenly a tremendous light surrounded us. As I sat on my sled I could see my friend’s face clearly. He still had his snowmobile helmet on and visor up but there were No shadows whatsoever…I could see the suspension UNDER his snowmobile perfectly. I could see the laces on his boots as he stood on the other side of his sled…We could totally see every detail of everything around us, it was like we were in a circle of light, like we were in a spotlight but the light was coming from all directions. From underneath, the sides, from all around. No shadows, everything on the snowmobiles was illuminated. I knew right away there was something wrong because the light was so strange, like we were inside a light bulb. We said, where’s the light coming from? What’s going on? We stood up and looked around for a source, and even though the light was very very bright, we did not feel the need to squint or anything. It went on for what we thought was 30 seconds then it Instantly disappeared like with the snap of a finger. We talked about this for a couple minutes…You could see the few clouds by the moon in the sky, it was a very clear night. As we stood up, it came back again, making us both feel uneasy. We talked while we were in this light. The second time it lasted probably exactly the same amount of time. When it disappeared the second time, we said we are outta here! We went back on to the trail and stopped to see if it was coming back again. We drove like crazy back to his home. When we arrived…there were guys meeting us for riding for 6pm. They were saying where have you been? My friends girlfriend was FURIOUS because she informed us it after 8:00pm! Where did the time go? I do not know. I just, I don’t know. I tried to explain we just went out for a quick beer and there was a light. We told them everything. They were waiting for us for so long, everybody was pretty much drunk by this time. So, no one believed us but I did say jokingly, I think we were abducted. The first time seeing the light, we could have brushed it off. But when it returned the second time…we knew that there was nothing that could have been making that light. The light was so weird, so unnatural. Like a spotlight shining from all directions, even from below. I remember looking at my gloves and there were no shadows. I will never forget it.

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