Alien Encounter in Doha, Doha on April 14th 2014 – I was taking out of bed onto his square landed ship with lights with about 10 other people we were stripped-down walk-through blood was taken from my hands put on a robe little injuries marks just around other core door or in that humanlike with hairlike

I was in my room in my bed around midnight I remember walking into a square landed ship with smoke around it like a fog with about 10 other people or so walking in a straight line we entered the ship walked around the core door There were two women that looked human handed me a PIn to poke myself in the finger to take blood it didn’t work so she grabbed my finger in did it I asked why are you doing this they looked at me and didn’t answer told me to put a rob on I walk put the rob on walked around the corner little gray entities about 2 -3 feet tall or guiding us around the corner I stopped And argued with one of them they took me to another room by myself with like a doctor’s face look normally he had bloodshot eyes but his hair look like a brain skin big butt look like hair but it was skin He looked at me and said something to me that I don’t remember I looked on the wall look like bodysuits of humans hanging on the wall and then I remember them putting me back in line and putting something on my back and I woke up in bed with a sharp push in the middle of my back like somebody touched me I jumped up real quick But nobody was there This felt so real that I swear something happened

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