UFO Sighting in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on May 30th 2014 – Multiple glowing objects in close proximity to each other flying vertically and horizontally discharging orange flares while changing direction of flight.

While walking my dog in front of my house around 9:15pm on Friday 5/30/14 I saw what looked to be fireworks at first in the sky less than one mile away above the roof of my neighbors house. Quickly I made out several distinct glowing bodies flying close to each other and changing directions. Occasional orange colored flares would trail from the white glowing orbs. There were several lights, some were hovering and multiple objects were moving in different directions some crossing paths before changing direction, some flying vertically and some horizontally.
One by one the objects would disappear or descend below the roofline of my neighbors home and eventually were all no longer visible from my driveway. I was quite startled when I saw the objects that seemed unexplainable and yelled for my wife to come view the objects as well and she was able to witness them also. Also I grabbed my cell phone and recorded a single digital photo and a single digital video on my phone of the objects. Immediately after the objects were no longer visible I noticed an airplane in the immediate vicinity of the objects but much closer to me change direction and fly in a circular pattern around the area that I had seen the objects. The objects appeared to be directly over the intracoastal waterway in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

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