Black Triangle Sighting in Coalinga, California on May 29th 2014 – ascended on 1 side of the expressway hovered over us then descended on the other side in an orchard a few, miles away from us

1. Driving south on highway 5 in Coalinga, CA. Driving to Phoenix from Northern California.
2. I saw what I thought was a plane, it flew straight up and over us, it went up quick in a field and then flew right over us, slowly.
3. I first thought it was a plane, but it didn’t look like any plane I have ever seen, it had 3 huge white lights on the underside.
4. It took off straight towards us I thought why would a plane fly so low, when I saw the underside with the huge white round lights, it was dark in color with sharp edges, triangle shaped with no other lights. It flew above us maybe 20 ft. It flew to the west of the highway and all the lights underneath came on brighter when the light came on brighter, it rotated in the air before its decent , then landing in a field. I pulled over and there was a huge glowing light.
5. I was in disbelief and totally amazed, I was very glad to have a witness with me who saw the same. It was truly unbelievable. I started to Google what it could possibly be, but couldn’t find anything to explain.
6. It landed in a field with a fence around it, we went to a rest stop a mile away and watched the glowing light. There was no way to see since it was far into the field.

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