UFO Sighting in Boca Raton, Florida on May 28th 2014 – Resembled a fireball, meteor or rocket entering the atmoshphere, but seemed slower than I imagine these to be.

My wife was in the back yard when she saw the object at about 8:30pm. She called to me when I was inside our house and I went outside to see what she was calling me for. She pointed up to the sky and I saw what resembled a meteor or some object entering the atmosphere from space. However, it did not leave a trail like those objects and didn’t seem to be moving as fast as I would imagine those objects to move (how they may vary in speed I do not know). It did appear to be aflame, which is why I initially thought of something entering the atmosphere from space. The color was bright orange/red like a flame. To me it was also reminiscent of the brightness and color of the exhaust of rockets I have seen launched from Kennedy Space Center. It moved smoothly and quietly across the sky from North East to North West. I watched it for about 5 to 10 seconds from the back (under a screened patio) and quickly ran through the house to the front (the direction of travel of the object) so I could get a better look. I removed my cell phone camera from my pocket on the way to the front yard and managed to get a blurry picture of the glowing object before switching my cell phone camera to video mode. I recorded video of it for 52 seconds. The light appeared to extinguish about 20 seconds from the end of my video. For the remainder of the time it appeared dark, like a silhouette against the darkening blue sky.

We live somewhat close to Boca Raton Airport which serves small jets and we are in their approach path. Corporate/private jets fly over our house regularly and they can be loud enough to compete with our conversations on the back patio. The object in question here made no noise and traveled opposite to the direction we typically see of airport traffic. We are west and slightly south of the airport. Planes fly east over our house to land. I suppose they might take off toward our house too, but I haven’t paid attention or noticed if they depart the airport and fly over us. I only recall flights heading in for landing.

The video I uploaded is 42 seconds. I trimmed 10 seconds from the beginning because I had originally oriented my phone camera vertically and decided a few seconds into the recording that I would do the rest horizontally. Additionally, there are a lot of trees obstructing the view as I come out of my house into the front yard, so there are only a couple of second in which the object is visible before I turn my phone horizontally. Toward the end of the video the object goes dark but can still be seen moving across the sky. I lost track of it in a couple of spots on the video because I was mostly using my eyes to watch while periodically glancing at the camera. Apologies for the shaky video. Also note, I used the digital zoom feature of my camera phone (4x, I believe).

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