UFO Sighting in Maryland Heights, Missouri on May 31st 2014 – brought orange lights appeared to be oval in shape.

While driving south bound on interstate 270 i was the passenger. I looked out my window and noticed what seemed to be at least 20 very bright orange lights. At first I thought maybe hot air balloons but then I looked at radio and realised it was 9:15pm and thought those aren’t air balloons. I told my wife to look and while she was driving she also witnessed the sighting. As we were doing 60 mph i couldn’t take a picture. We lost site of them be hind some trees but from what I could tell they were still there. Oh and there were about 5 or 6 of them in a single row, the others were above and below them and 1 seemed to move faster then the rest. Not quite sure what it was we saw but I’m almost sure it wasn’t planes, hot air balloons it anything else but my first sighting of UFO’s.

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