UFO Sighting in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 31st 2014 – gigantic. must be many miles. It is blinking with very deep ambor colors like the rainbow. it has to be many many miles awat maybe over 20 at least over Mc Dill airforce base if I were to guess it gas to be majorly huge !

Omg. This gas to be many miles in size. I have seen this same thing 6 months ago but that time it had a revolving much smaller ship/ craft moving around it circling the larger much much larger mothership as like it was on patrol… this is the most beautiful peice of work ever. As I write this is still can see it. This is defiantly not a star,satellite no way no way no how I am observing this wirh a Busgbell x 40 =I cab see it clearly the sky is clear awesome!!!

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