proof/evidence of the existence of

Et’s and ufo’s imho is that the Us. government has told us they exist in round about ways, i just saw video, on youtube from a General i believe it was 1952, where he says 95% of all sightings are explained and that 5% cannot be, further stating he doesn’t believe, they ufo’s Et’s mean […]

Question about post-abduction symptoms for Abductees

Hi, I realize that many abductees have negative things happen to them after an abduction. I recall some incidents where certain individuals, after an accident, acquired extraordinairy abilities, One fellow became clairvoyant ( and on to become one of the most famous clairvoyants of all time ) another individual acquired extroardinary math skills, like a […]

Daily UFO Headlines 5/30/14

UFO Filmed ‘Flying Out Of The Moon’ – Huffington Post UK UFOs in Ontario? Flashes Over Orangeville – E Canada Now UFO sighting as red light is spotted pulsating in sky – Hinckley Times Ultimate solar system could contain 60 Earths – New Scientist NASA Reports on Credible UFO Sightings in Ancient Times – The […]

A UFO over an iceberg? – Spacing Out! Episode 75

A UFO video shows an object hovering over an iceberg in Canada. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out! Stories discussed: Dan Aykroyd recounts personal UFO sighting Book inspired by Allagash abductions Extraterrestrials discussed on Capital Hill UFO over an iceberg The post A UFO over an iceberg? – […]

Unknown UFO print (HUGE)

I have a HUGE unknown UFO print it’s about 12′ x 6′ I would love if anyone could point me toward the right direction of what it is. Thanks! :D10151399_683814195012078_3328128582783798068_n.jpg Attached Images 10151399_683814195012078_3328128582783798068_n.jpg (75.4 KB)

EPA report on mysterious cattle deaths at Area 51

Apparently, in June of 1977 Area 51 had a problem with mysterious cattle deaths. The EPA was notified and investigated, but were unable to figure out why these six cows died. The documents were found by UFO researcher Shepherd Johnson via the digital archives of Congressional ProQuest. The document was difficult to read so I […]

Unique out-of-place clouds in Tucson

Has anyone else seen the clouds in Tucson recently. The normal clouds are there, but then there are other clouds. That resemble more of a solid shape with defined edges. These clouds do not move, but change positions. And are scattered across the city almost the same distance apart from each other. Very interesting!

Football field sized UFO stops Alabama I-20 traffic

An Alabama witness eastbound along I-20 nearing the 205 exit reported stopping her vehicle to watch a silent, triangle-shaped UFO “as large as a football field” moving slowly at the tree top level that terrified her and appeared to cause missing time, according to May 29, 2014, testimony in Case 56669 from the Mutual UFO […]

Complex alien life could exist on 100 million planets

A new study asserts that the Milky Way is home to one hundred million planets that could support alien life. And not just simple microbial life, but complex alien life. A scientific team comprised of Louis Irwin from the University of Texas at El Paso, Alberto Fairén from Cornell University, Abel Méndez from the Planetary […]

UFO Sighting in Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario on February 15th 2011 – Mid Feb 2011, my friend and I left on snowmobiles out on the trail near his home in Camlachie ON. We stopped at a waterfall 15 min from his place and suddenly were surrounded by a tremendous light. The light had no source…

In Mid Feb. of 2011, my friend and I left for a brief snowmobile ride on the trail by his house in Camlachie ON. After about 15 min we stopped at a nearby waterfall. It was dark outside, about 5:30pm. we were in a remote area, along an old train track, there were no houses […]

UFO Sighting in Michigan on May 24th 2014 – I saw a cluster of red lights and thought it was an airplane. The lights blinked out in front and back alternately and reappeared farther along in the sky. Almost like phasing.

It was May 24th at 12 midnight. I was out in my field trying to see if I could spot a meteor from the supposed shower that was going on that night. I saw about 2 to 3 airplanes go overhead the entire time I was out there and be for I saw the UFO. […]

UFOs over the Kingdom of Georgia

XIII Century, Kingdom of Georgia Georgia Coat of Arms Georgia, one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in the world, is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The name of the country is Sakartvelo in the Georgian language. Georgia is a mountainous country bordered by the Russian Federation in the north, Turkey […]