Finding the truth about what Neil Armstrong saw on the moon…

I have always wondered about this case, I believe Armstrong did indeed see alien crafts, just like the HAM radio user stated, but Ive never actually heard the taped conversation of this, the article below says the Ham operator released this audio, anyone ever heard it or know where I can find a copy of it?…2113346AAjCvof

Heres what Im planning to do, a friend of mine who is very smart when it comes to all things computers has a voice recognition program on his super duper computer, I know I can find a sample of Armstrongs voice from interviews and such, I want to run this sample against the alleged ‘missing 2 minutes’ from the HAM operator…I have a feeling the 2 will be an exact match!

Im curious what would happen if this is true? If it does come out like that, Im thinking I going to contact NASA and/or my state senator, (whom Ive written to about aliens many times before) and telling them what evidence I have and see what happens…theres not much they can say or do if the 2 are PROVEN to be Armstrongs voice…so it will be interesting to see how they respond (if it matches).

Anyone got any comments or suggestions on how I should go about this..should the voice test prove to be a match…I think the first thing I would do is go get another voice recognition test done right away, by someone else, just to verify it, and then hide the results VERY well and let no one know where Ive got this evidence! I dont trust media, so I would not contact them, unless they agreed to air this nationwide and give the results back to me afterwards of course!

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