Did Richard C. Doty ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman Paull Bennewitz?


Dulce, New Mexico:


The UFO community has been familiar with Richard C. Doty, self-proclaimed “disinformant agent” who used to work as an AFOSI officer in Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Most folks seem to agree that he indeed had a deep impact on the life of businessman Paul Bennewitz, owner of defense contractor Thunder Scientific Laboratories in Albuquerque located right next to Kirtland Air Force Base.
Richard C. Doty allegedly fed a lot of misinformation to Bennewitz which eventually caused his mental deterioation and paranoia, to the point of hospitalization.

He passed away in 2003.
Bennewitz’s sons today operate the business but refuse to talk about his late father, since they are still doing business with the Air Force.

In his excellent book “DULCE BASE:The Truth And Evidence From The Case Files of Gabe Valdez“, Greg Valdez, middle son of the late Gabe Valdez (New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce, New Mexico for many years) brings out some significant points.
He writes: “The transfers of Maj. Earnest Edwards (Kirtland Security Police) and Richard C. Doty (of AFOSI) to Germany coincided with the involvement of Senator Domenici in the mystery.
As his office began inquiries into the activities in Dulce to the Air Force, Richard C. Doty and Maj. Earnest Edwards ended up in Germany.
It was also at this time that Doty ‘retired’ from the Air Force, and it appears from other evidence that he was forced out of the Air Force.
Senator Domenici was very influential with the Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, and his inquiries were more than likely what ended Richard C. Doty’s Air Force career.
What is also important to remember is that the NSA or CIA never obtained a search warrant to place the listening devices in the homes.
Under the guise of “National Security”, they placed these warrantless bugs in Gabe Valdez’s and Manuel Gomez’s homes in Dulce, New Mexico.
That type of covert activity is usually conducted by the NSA or CIA, and usually outside the general working proceedings of the AFOSI.
It’s also something the CIA typically gets involved in, especially if the mystery aircraft (that allegedly crashed on Mount Archuleta, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico in 1983) was a CIA aircraft. Richard C. Doty is currently employed as a State Policeman in Grants, New Mexico.

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