The physical state of eternity

The soul , that which can not be seen,,, its always been a goal of mine. To learn as much as i can about this unseen force, I’ve had an interesting life,, my mother was a satanic priest , my father was in fact a devoted man of god, what can be said, love knows no bounds. ive walked both spiritual paths , been educated in both spiritual arts,, ive learned much. Are spiritual gifts from the lord God real? Yes. Are negitive spiritual arts real? Do dark satanic arts exist ? Yes. But you know, one of the most important spiritual lessons i ever learned dawned upon me from one of the oddest places. The science of physics . Our bodies run off energy , our brains actually produce enough electricity to power a 40 watt light bulb. The physical law of energy conservation, you all know the one. energy can not be created or destroyed ? only converted from one form to another.
So our brains which store and preserve our consciousness, our consciousness itself,is energy , which can not be destroyed . furthermore does any form of energy we can observe last forever? For how can a departed soul last forever if it is energy ? Well look up.. The stars shed there lights some infinite millions of years ago, while the physical star itself may be long gone, its brilliant light travels billions of years only to be perceived just as it was the day it first gave off light. There is so much to know out there, pick a path and journey it.

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