Alien greys

Of all the different kinds of extraterrestrials described in documents and in the media i think the greys are the most fascinating by far. It seems to me that ufology is becoming more and more faded, at least in the media. Yet there are numbers of people who will say, that is because of this reason or that reason. My own opinion is we see and hear less and less new information because of how much information there is. people who are skeptical have heard all of it and still dont believe. And media outlets have this reluctance to brodcast ufology based material because its all so similar and there is never definitive proof. So the masses lose interest and providing such media becomes unlucrative. Its sad because i feel the phenomenon is as active as ever.

I noticed that in all of ufology that grey alien females are barely ever mentioned, when they are they are usually a hybrid. some people believe grey aliens are a manufactured robot race, or they are all clones and therefore dont have femails. I believe that if my race was dieing and reproduction was a serious issue, id clone up some females and try to fix what’s wrong within my own gnome rather then create a completely different race. So i assume grey alien females do or at least had to exist at one point or another. So does anyone know anything about these female problems the greys seem to have ?

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