Black Triangle Sighting in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on September 1st 1996 – Many Triangles in Formation Flew Over Airport

I parked my car (alone) behind a local airport (KRWI) in the middle of the night as a teen hoping to see a plane take off or land. This was definitely sometime between mid-1995 and early 1997, most likely in 1996.

While waiting, I was shocked to see what looked like glitter in the sky, but after a few seconds I realized it was the blinking lights of a number of aircraft. They flew directly over me as I stood on the road, and I could see that there were about ten aircraft flying in a formation. It was night, but I’m positive that I saw their triangular silhouettes against the sky and didn’t merely assume a triangular shape based on the lights. The objects all looked the same except the one in front had different or extra lights. At the time, I estimated they were 1000 feet up, but it might have been anywhere between 500 and 1500 feet. As I recall, the formation was basically made of several diagonal lines with three aircraft in each line. I’ve never seen this same formation, even now when searching on the net.

The craft appeared to fly in a straight line at a constant speed the whole time, and they maintained the formation. They didn’t land at the airport or descend or ascend at all. They came from the SW and continued to the NE behind and beyond the trees. Nothing else happened. I wasn’t abducted. I can’t recall any sound, but I probably would have noticed if the craft were very loud or silent. They weren’t going very fast like some jets do, but they didn’t seem unnaturally slow. The entire event probably lasted a couple of minutes.

I always assumed these were probably military stealth aircraft, but I felt I had seen something unusual, and it always seemed like an odd experience. I now wonder if these could have been related in any way to the prolific black triangle UFO reports, so I wanted to report the event just in case it’s a missing piece of some puzzle. I wish I could remember more details. I wasn’t drunk or dreaming, and I don’t hallucinate. Thanks for taking the report.

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