Little Round Sphere from Another Dimension

Here is an interesting report from 2008.

What was this mysterious object that seemed to move with intelligence?
Photo composite: Stephen Wagner


The incident took place in June, 2008 when Deb and her family went to visit some friends in Media, Pennsylvania. “We stayed at their house, which sat up on a hill surrounded by trees and an arboretum,” she says. “The room I occupied was on the second floor, which had a balcony attached to the room. Since I was the only one who smoked, I would occasionally sit out on the balcony when I wanted to light up.
“During one of these times, in the middle of the day, I was just sitting there relaxing when I noticed there was this little round sphere thing on the edge of the wood rail. It only caught my eye because its white color made it stand out. It was no more than a quarter inch in diameter — about the size of a pea — and I noticed it wasn’t totally solid because there was an opening about a quarter of the way. I thought it was odd; the opening looked like it had been cut perfectly, not naturally, but what did I know. It was black inside the opening and I didn’t see anything crawling out.
“I really didn’t give it much notice at first because I figured it was something natural. But after sitting there a bit, I would occasionally glance at it and try to figure out what it was. After a few minutes, I kept waiting to see what kind of bug was going to crawl out.
“When that didn’t happen, I decided to put my finger near it and if nothing crawled out I was going to pick it up and check it out. But when my finger came right up to it, the thing instantaneously ‘jumped’ a foot away down the rail!
“I was stunned how fast it did that. Sure, insects are fast, but not that fast. My first instinct was that it was something that could defy physics. But my rationale said it must be some type of bug. But how could an insect do that?
“I waited a few moments and I did the same thing again. The thing obliged and jumped back to its original position, just as fast as before. Now this thing had my full attention.
“I was dumbfounded. How did it do that? There were no wings, web, legs, or feet. I would have seen one of them because my eyesight is really sharp and can pick out the tiniest details of things. It was just this perfectly round little thing. And when it went back to its original position, the same opening was facing me like before.
“I started to get an ominous feeling because while I couldn’t figure it out, somehow I just knew it was watching me. And I didn’t trust it.

Little Round Sphere from Another Dimension

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