UFO Sighting in Chanute, Kansas on November 30th 1988 – soviet sat burning up 4 silver objects, triangular 4mation, not on fire

my wife & grand daughter were going to the west part of town to view xmas card lane, when my grand daughter said.”look at the fire works”I,m looking all around the ground and saw nothing. She told me to look up in the sky.
There was a long steak of fire from the NW to SE. It was said to be a Russian sat. returning to earth and burning up. As I looked from under it, to the left side were four silver looking globes in a triangular formation, some where behind this was a blinking light, these things were not on fire!

I had the feeling something was following it in.

Has anyone reported this although it has been many years ago, I still wander.

This only took a very short time to pass to the SE horison.

I told my wife at the time, I thought we had seen a UFO.

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