UFO Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 23rd 2014 – Trying to take pictures of chem trails, when phone and truck started acted up, noticed afterward object in picture

About 930ish AM heading north on Country Club toward 89th street when I noticed a bunch of chem trails in the sky. I pulled out my phone while driving to take picture of the trails. After a couple pictures my phone all of sudden froze and simultaneously my truck made a weird clunking sound which I have never heard before. This only lasted a brief second and I took one last picture and continued on to my destination. It was until about an hour later I was looking over my pictures when i noticed in my very last picture there is what looks like a white object streaking through the sky not to far from the chem trails. I did not see this object with my own eyes but it only appeared in the picture that occurred right after the weird behavior of my cell phone and truck. My camera flash was not on, and there was no cars behind me.

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