UFO Sighting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on June 17th 2014 – Five orange lights in the sky (one seperated from the other four that were grouped together

On Tuesday June 17, 2014, my family and I were on vacation in Gulf shores, Alabama. We were sitting on the balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico to the south of us. At approximately 21:20 hours, I observed a bright orange light directly south about 25 degrees above the horizon. It was so bright that it caught my attention. The single light appeared for a few seconds and faded away. A few moments later, another single orange light appeared more to the southwest. After a few seconds, a series of four additional orange lights appeared in a horizontal sequence. There was a short distance between the single light and the additional four lights.

The four additional lights appeared in a one, two, three and four fashion from left to right. Once all of the lights were illuminated, they all faded away together. The entire formation was completely horizontal and stationary. They did not move or even flicker. The same formation then appeared once more further southwest.

The total incident took place over approximately five minutes. However, the lights were only visible for approximately one minute at a time. There was no sound, flashing strobes or directional movement while the lights were visible. Tuesday���s viewing was witnessed by a total of three family members.

An additional viewing was also witnessed on Thursday June 19, 2014 at 21:02 hours by a total of five family members. The same sequence of lights appeared on three separate occasions lasting less than five minutes. However, the lights appeared to be further away and less bright.
It was too difficult to judge the size or distance of the lights from our location. However, they were obviously in the sky and behaved in a manner that we have never seen before. I took two videos with my iphone from the second night as we were prepared the rest of the week. My family stood behind me and could see the objects on my phone.

Upon playback, the objects were not visible in the first video and the second video just went out of focus. Everything in the picture went blurry. I do still have the videos available on my phone.

The best example of the light pattern: * ****

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