UFO Sighting in Lockport, New York on July 31st 2013 – Dark octagonal object seen over house in T-storm

Mufon investigator filing at witness request. Witness is a 49 year old male,former truck driver,now on disability because of job injury. In August 2013 he was on his porch at his home, when his wife(also witness) brought his attention to a bright white object directly south at about a 45 degree angle to the horizon. It was quite late(11:00 P.M.) and the weather was cloudy and an ongoing lightning storm was in process. It did not have light colors or flashes of planes, which regularly fly over the house. The brother of the witness was also there and joined them on the porch. The object,at its closest, seemed to be size of a quarter or a bit larger at arm’s length. It passes in pretty much a straight line path over their house and moved off to the north toward Lake Ontario.
When the object was directly overhead, a flash of lightning allowed the witness to see detail of what appeared to be an octagonal dark craft with
darker seams or partitions around its perimeter,perhaps dark windows although witness is not sure of this. As this was a very brief flash, other witnesses apparently did not see this. As the object moved away to the north, it appeared to blink out, disappear from view,not fade out into the distance.
Witness felt no particular emotions save curiousity.
This is one of several encounters witness has had with UFO phenomena. These include an entity encounter in early childhood, and a more recent possible encounter in the last year. These will be followed up by investigator.

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