UFO Sighting in Pen-twyn, on November 27th 2011 – we watched the two objects come over the houses and just carry on over towards the bristol channel.

We were standing in our garden, and looked over the valley to see two objects,very slowly flying over the roof tops. It looked as though they were only a foot above the roof tops, but were obviously alot higher! It was dark, but, the lights were orange and lantern shaped, one at each corner, forming a diamond, you could not see in the centre. On the back were two huge panes of brilliant white lights as if up on struts, i assume this was a power source? there were no other colour lights, and no noise at all! My daughter said to me, as they were becomming visible over the mountain “look mum chinese lanterns”. My date is not exactly correct, but the time is and it was roughly 2011/12. After we saw the objects i rang my friend and husband to tell them about it, as the object flew over Cwmbran,my friend was in her garden and saw them as well, we both thought it was very eerie. The objects flew on until out of sight, as if they were just cruising.4

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