UFO Sighting in Escondido, California on June 24th 2014 – two rings of green glowing light overlaping flying north with no sound

I had came down stairs from my girlfriends condo and headed towards my truck and I just looked up and I saw two rings of green glowing light overlapping flying north with no sound. a flashing red light from a plane showed up @ 300-500 yards behind the object railing @ 4 o’clock position. I have seen many aircraft at night and been to the airshows at the local Marine Corps air station at Mira mar for their night shows as well and never seen anything like this objects. I pointed it out to my girl friend and asked me “what is that?” to which I replied, “I don’t know, I have never seen anything like that, have you?” to which she replied, “no.” the object continued northward and was soon gone from vision because of the light pollution of the city lights. I would put the object @ 500-1000′ in elevation and seemed to be @ 30-60 foot across considering the altitude. it happened so fast I did not have time to pull out my phone and attempt a picture or video. I was to busy studying the object because I was just amazed and puzzled to what it could be.

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