UFO Sighting in Santa Ana, California on June 14th 2014 – As passenger jet flys by, a glowing, pulsating foo fighter type object drops from above and through the flight path of the jet.

I was filming a common passenger jet and testing my new camera with full 60x zoom. As I kept the jet liner in the middle of the screen, a bright white object drops in from the upper right of the frame. The object pulsated and changed shape as it flew right by the passenger jet. I then began to track the “foo fighter” type object. I followed the bright orb until it just vanished into thin air; not a cloud and not a plane changing direction. I then zoomed out trying to figure out what I had just filmed exclaiming “What the hell was that”? Shot with a SONY AVCHD Progressive. 9.2 mega pixels, 26.8mm lens Handycam.

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