Alien Encounter in Dallas, Texas on July 31st 1965 – I was abducted at age of 13 in Oak Cliff Texas. After one period I woke up vomiting and passed a big blood clot onto the floor and was never the same again.

I was abducted at the age of 13 in Oak Cliff, Texas while staying with my Grandparents in August of 1965.
When I woke up around 3:30 to 4:00 AM I was vomiting with a strange smell of anesthesia. Being 13 years old, I had just started my period the month before and when I stood up, there was a large blood clot that fell onto the floor.
My Grandmother ran to get a cup towel and put it on me like a diaper.
I was never the same again, yet I have learned to surrender to the process and the MUFON professionals!
There have been multiple dreams and visions throughout my life of a female that resembled myself yet was clearly not human. Downloads have continued to this very day!
I have no memory of the ship that abducted me, just the results of the abduction. There were multiple witnesses of a UFO on Hampton Blvd that August of 1965. I was abducted on Oak Cliff Blvd, two streets over from Hampton Blvd.
I would like to speak to anyone who has had a similar experience.

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