Black Triangle Sighting in Raymondville, Texas on June 26th 2014 – Bright object appeared in the sky and started to come towards me.

I was out at this wildlife refuge with my girlfriend and we decided to stay for a bit after the sun went down to enjoy the night sky. We were laying on top of our truck when all of a sudden this bright speck of light appeared in the northeast.At first I thought it was a star that was covered from the clouds, but when it brightened up more and started to pulsate, it threw me off completely. It hovered up, then made a “c” motion. Immediately I knew what we were both looking at and I couldnt believe my eyes. I got up and once I called it out, the object reacted as if it knew we noticed it. Right after I asked my girlfriend if she’s seeing this too, it started to come towards us. I jumped off truck and yelled to get inside the truck. I felt so vulnerable and I was honestly scared for our lives. I drove off trying to get to the main road and while I was driving I looked out the window and i saw the object following us to the left side of me. It was triangular shaped, three lights. I looked back to the dirt road so I wouldnt crash and once we reached the main road, I stopped and stepped outside the truck to take a look. It was gone. I couldn’t help but to freak out and hyperventilate.. I coyldnt comprehend what had just happened. Like this is something that comes out in movies. I kept looking up to see if any lights would be around, but nothing. Then my girlfriend noticed that down the dirt road behind us there was this glow, right where we were parked at first. We asked each other what we should do until a bright orb-like object appeared and right there and then I told myself that I had seen enough. We hit the main road and headed straight home.

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