UFO Sighting in Boulder, Colorado on April 30th 2014 – Suddenly materialized while I was photographing clouds. It appeared as a shimmering pale green color which shifted in shape from round to somewhat conical. It hovered, then shifted around erratically in different directions.

I didn’t know what to make of it. It was too distant for me to feel any connection with it but it was definitely there, performing a kind of dance that no man made object could perform. Also, the shimmering shade of green was unlike any I had ever seen. The iPhone photo I have attached it not clear but if you look closely you can see the object. File 1 I included by accident. File 2 is the photo I intended to share.
My feelings are ambivalent- this is the second UFO
I have observed. The first, encountered in the mid-sixties in Salem, Oregon was very close, just hovering motionless above the trees surrounding our house. It was metallic and I was very surprised. I felt immediately that whatever or whoever it was wanted me to come with
It. I was horrified. Then it rose abruptly and joined another UFO which appeared out of nowhere and the two of flew off in tandem at a terrific rate of speed.

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