UFO Sighting in Long Beach, Mississippi on June 26th 2014 – red glowing object flying in odd directional pattern.

My neighbor and myself were at the end of our driveway watching her son walk down to his friends house. It was about 8:40 pm. We started to walk back when my neighbor spotted something strange in the night sky. It was a strange red glowing light and moving rather oddly. While we were watching the ufo we also noticed a plane in the area flying towards the ufo but still some distance away. The ufo was descending from it’s original position then moving to its left, right, then would slightly ascend all the while the red light would brighten then dim. I snapped a few photos then tried to video record it. During my 30 second video it dimmed then disappeared. There was also a storm about to roll in from the west… you could barely see the clouds lighting up in the west.

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