UFO Sighting in Newnan, Georgia on December 11th 2013 – stationary object seen over 3 years time

First sighting of object (or objects) 2011
First time seen always at night in a parking lot looking due Southeast. Object never moved, always white in appearance as outline and one red center light (lights in 2011 were solid across). 6 months later, they disappeared.

Second sighting of object (or objects) 2013
Same location in the sky and same parking lot looking due Southeast
Each night I noticed the object was different in shape and I video taped it this time. Within 3 months that followed, object disappeared again
After posting my video on Youtube, other people came forward and said they saw the object and it wasn’t a building.

Note the following facts:

a hospital is 1 to 2 miles away in the same direction, but the lights don’t resemble any colors I have seen.

when the lights disappeared, I went to the hospital and their lighted signs were still lit.

last sighting was in December 11, 2013

Object was video taped from 2 locations, one on either side of the street where I always saw the lights. I can’t upload the video because my computer isn’t fast enough. I will send you images or a copy by mail but I could not upload the video I’ve made.

My personal conclusion:

either it’s a UFO or a Temperature Inversion

I hope you will investigate.

Thanks for your time,

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