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What’s your point of view on Indrid Cold, The Grinning Man, and/or the MIB? Do you think that these are connected in a way? Do you think that any of them are hoaxes? Which do you believe is real? Do you believe that any are real? Would you consider The Grinning Man, and Indrid Cold to be one in the same?


The Grinning Man is an obscure figure associated with Alien Lore. Some scholars and observers believe he is an alien, and others that he was one of the government’s Men in Black. Indrid Cold is thus far his best known incarnation. He has been investigated by notable paranormal author John A. Keel and ufologist James Moseley.

SOURCE: All This Is That: Alien Lore No. 186 – Indrid Cold, The Grinning Man


This leads us to a wild and utterly fascinating theory that I stumbled across, which implies that Indrid Cold in particular (and Grinning Men in general) may be delegates of a sort of paranormal — or possibly intergalactic — police force that spontaneously appear in the area of anomalous events in order to keep the peace or simply to observe the proceedings as they unfold.

Another hypothesis speculates that Cold might have been a representative of the notoriously secretive group known as the Men In Black, many of which were allegedly encountered throughout the region during the Mothman flap.

SOURCE: The Grinning Man: Alien, Apparition or MIB? | Mysterious Universe

A lot of sightings of these people/aliens/beings or whatever seemed to have happened around the same time that the Mothman Phenomenon was happening, right?


It would be due to this — possibly coincidental — incident that the Grinning Man phenomenon would become forever associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial entities. While this might be the first incident that helped solidify this creature’s connection to the realm of ufology, it would not be the last.

The second series of incidents that Keel credits as being part of the Grinning Man phenomenon also occurred in 1966; this time during the infamous Mothman’s reign of terror in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. While the Grinning Man often gets lost in furor surrounding this infamous winged beast, for researchers who have studied this astounding series of events one figure looms almost as tall as the Mothman itself… that figure is the Grinning Man who called himself “Indrid Cold.”

SOURCE: The Grinning Man: Alien, Apparition or MIB? | Mysterious Universe


To my knowledge, The Grinning Man may actually be a different entity/phenomenon, however, some (but not all or even most) paranormal and fortean enthusiasts are linking these together. Indrid Cold has been linked to Mothman sightings – and so has our Grinning Man, only for some accounts, Grinning Man showed up prior to Mothman and Indrid Cold. As well, Grinning Man has been described as being much more like MIBs than Indrid Cold has…

SOURCE: Indrid Cold


You might expect that frightened residents would avoid the TNT area; the opposite happened. Saturday night in Point Pleasant now had a diversion far superior to the local movie house. Dozens of cars flocked to the site nightly in hopes of catching a glimpse of the red-eyed ‘monster from outer space’. If anything, this attests to the widely-held local belief that whatever the UFO was, it was not dangerous. One officer told us that, at times, there were so many sightseers that police officers turned out to direct traffic.

The reaction of residents to the mysterious visitors that followed was not so laid back. The Men in Black were seen and are remembered as truly malevolent individuals, despite their sometimes amusing quirks. More than 10 years after their last visitation, those who had invited the MIBs into their homes still remembered the very real feeling of danger in their presence.

Of course, MIBs were not unique to Point Pleasant; they had been well documented in earlier UFO lore and were being researched. Unlike Mothman, the MIBs sent a shockwave of fear through their contactees. As chronicled by Keel, they arrived in shiny black cars which, like their equally shiny shoes, seemed impervious to the weather.

SOURCE: Return to Point Pleasant | Articles | Features | Fortean Times UK


Some MIB Stuff:


Throughout history, MiB have been primarily associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena because of the simple fact that these phenomena are primarily aerial events in the atmosphere and widely viewed by many witnesses. Therefore, when reports of MiB follow reports of UFOs or extraterrestrials, they are given more credence and attract a wider audience. But make no mistake, MiB have been monitoring, analyzing and researching every type of anomalous and paranormal phenomena imaginable.

Since the first reports of MiB, many have tried to discover the true identity and agenda of these dark agents, with little success. And for those who do know their true identity, either by association or as a “subject” of one of their operations, it has been strongly suggested that the means utilized to maintain total suppression of all information is disturbingly successful.

SOURCE: Men in Black – Unmasked


MIB. Long before the 1997 hit movie Men in Black (MIB) was a gleam in the screenwriter’s eye, MIB had already become a commonplace in UFO literature. Shadowy figures, invariably clothed in black suits and usually wearing dark sunglasses, would appear at the doors of those who’d had UFO sightings, shot photos of them or recovered crash debris or other physical evidence. They’d speak in weird mechanical voices and were reported to do some pretty amazing things, including crossing muddy fields without getting their highly polished shoes dirty, operate in rain without getting wet, plus reading peoples’ minds. Report after report spoke of their emerging from or returning to large, intimidating black cars, often decades old Cadillacs and Lincoln Town Cars, one observed racing, at night, lights blazing, up a mountain known to have no roads. So far, so weird.

SOURCE: MIB (Men In Black) & UFOs–The Real Story!


The real men in black are claimed to appear after a UFO sighting. They are strange looking men wearing black suits and hats, and are said to be either very short or very tall and to wear wigs and make-up. They are also said to arrive in either very new or new-looking, old style Cadillacs. They claim to be either from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or some other secret agency.

The men in black question or interrogate the UFO spotters and threaten them not to reveal anything they have seen. The men then disappear as quickly and mysteriously as they had appeared. Most of the theories regarding these men tend to lean towards alien beings. This theory cannot be proved, and there have only been 40 documented accounts of encounters.

SOURCE: Who are the Real Men in Black?


What are my views on all of this? I honestly have no Idea what to think about it… Whether these things are connected to the Mothman or not, I was just wondering other opinions, or views, on what each of these weird things are.. … Do you think that they connected to each other? Are they not? Who is real? Who is not? Which one are you more inclined to believe? I don’t want just views about them and the Mothman Phenomenon.. I also want opinions about each of these guys in general.. I would especially like some more information and opinions on the MIB. Thanks.



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If you have anymore good links or Sources that you would like to share on all, or any of these topics, Please share them with me. Thanks. 🙂

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